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On the waning days of World War I, a platoon of soldiers vanished without a trace. In their last recorded post we found tapes of plays they enacted to pass away the time. Here they are in chronological order...

Based on plays written by August Stramm, Franz Kafka, Ernst Toller, Gottfried Benn, and Lothar Schreyer.

“A memorable if disconcerting theatrical event. A single 90-minute production that is likely to leave your head spinning and your anxieties about the state of humankind confirmed ! “
Howard Miller. Talkin’Broadway.

“Yes, we can face all horrors here.”

Ernst Toller The Transfiguration.


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Project development provided by NYSCA. The New York Council for the Arts, The Puffin Foundation, The Alfred Z. Solomon Charitable Trust, and loyal audiences like you.



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